Women's pre-assembly

Women’s Pre-Assembly

5-9 May 2017, Windhoek, Namibia


The Twelfth Assembly and its Women’s pre-Assembly will be strongly marked by the hospitality and vibrant church life of Namibia. The Women’s pre-Assembly will run from 5 (arrivals) to 9 May 2017 in Windhoek. See the pre-assembly program.

Once every six years, delegates from 145 member churches of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) gather to convene an Assembly, and set the vision and priorities of the communion. This is our highest decision-making body. As the LWF’s supreme authority, the Assembly is responsible for safeguarding the constitution, electing its next set of leaders, acting on reports, speaking out on issues concerning the life and witness of member churches, and setting the overall direction for the ensuing period.

The Women’s Pre-Assembly is a unique opportunity for women from the 145 countries where LWF has member churches and partners to meet and articulate a common voice to be taken to the Twelfth Assembly. What is central to our lives as women of faith and as citizens? How are we ensuring our full participation in the life of the church and the society? Such are the questions that trigger a rich program for its participants.

A successful pre-Assembly will allow women in the Lutheran Communion to:

  • Build a common vision that shapes in a decisive way the discussions and decisions made during the Twelfth Assembly by highlighting women’s contributions to the Reformation journey, their theological reflections and their commitment to church life.
  • Harvest our learning experiences, celebrate the achievements in building more balanced power relations between women and men and achieve increased participation of women in the church decision-making spaces in different contexts.
  • Address barriers in the achievement of gender justice in church and society and identify ways in which the network can be nurtured beyond 2017.
  • Learn from each other about ways to respond to gender-based violence, poverty and discrimination from a faith perspective, especially in connection with the Assembly themes “human beings and creation not for sale”.

WICAS has come up with some Practical Information. To know more about the Pre-Assembly preparation process follow the link https://wicas.lutheranworld.org/content/pre-assembly-practical-informati... 

Pre-assembly program



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