Women on the Move Postcards

                Women on the Move postcards - Commemorations of the 500 years of Reformation emphasises the fact that Women had and have enriched the on going reformation, through their ideas and actions, in diverse ways. Nevertheless, women’s influence and agency in the reformation process are not well known, invisible, and even, sometimes, hidden in the history due to the traditional way of registering historical events and narratives. in order to provide visibility to women reformer the women`s network of WICAS in Western Europe started with this creative initiative which is being translated and used across the Communion.

Proposals for actions:

Organize a women’s group meeting in your congregation, church, village, to commemorate the Reformation 500;

Connect this women’s group commemoration with any other activity   that your   church is organizing to commemorate the reformation Anniversary.     

Print and distribute the post cards – in any format (A4 printing or in a post card format); Study some of the biographies in the group; 

Do a deeper research using internet resources or other articles, videos and books on women in the reformation time.

Propose a woman reformer name for a place, event or any other initiative in your congregation. Ex. Catharina von Bora street; Argula von Grumbach study room; Olimpia Morata prayer Chain etc   

Exchange the postcards with friends and other women in the Communion, writing to them, sending greetings and building a circle of sisterhood.   

Do a collection as you distribute the postcards and sponsor a project that is working with women’s empowerment and leadership.