Women doing theology

The LWF is committed to facilitate discussions to develop structures and actions to build a global Lutheran Women Theologians Network  

Some of the reflections are:

  • How to ensure that women theological production is visible and relevant in the process of commemorating 500 years of reformation?
  • How to articulate the stories collected in the “her-stories” project with theological production in our theologians’ network?
  • What publications and / or consultations should be planned?
  • To map what we have so far in our theological reflection and network in the communion
  • To work a research on the status of women in leadership positions, in the ordained ministry and doing theology

The women theologians’ network is developing processes that open doors and design itineraries enhancing women doing theology in different church spaces, as well as in theological institutions and in public squares. Women in the ordained ministry is an ongoing agenda in theological reflections in the Communion. See the results of the survey on women in leadership and in the ordained ministry


The women theologians are also key actors in contextualizing the Gender Justice Policy as a tool, striving to create a gender just environment on our journey commemorating Reformation 2017.