Women on the Move

 Women on the move – from Wittenberg to Windhoek (WMWW)

This is a movement to celebrating and affirm the leadership of women in leadership. A global working group has been formed through the WICAS regional coordination network to plan strategise, monitor and lead actions and initiatives to enhance women`s leadership across the communion at the global and regional levels.

This process envisages working on 4 main areas:

  1. Empowerment of women in leadership and decision making: Envisage and establish processes and actions aal the regions and global levels to empower and support women to take up leadership positions.
  2. Implementation and contextualization process of the Gender Justice Policy: Ensure the appropriate implementation of the LWF Gender Justice Policy in all level/expressions of the Communion. The 2009 LWF faith reflection on gender and power, and inclusivity and gender justice resolutions of the Eleventh Assembly in 2010 laid the foundation for this important tool. The Council 2013 approved the LWF Gender Justice Policy. Trainings and translation of the GJP into regional languages are some actions planned in the regions. The Gender Justice Policy will assist the communion to achieve equality between women and men by implementing measures that promote justice and dignity. The GJP is being translated in Polish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Kiswahili, Tamil, Hindi. Other resources: Tool to Contextual Gender analysis (EN) 
  3. Women doing theology: Enhance the visibility of the women theologians’ network and its outcomes - the production of Lutheran women’s theology, feminist theology, with gender justice perspective.
  4. Her-stories – telling women stories and experiences in the on-going Reformation: Establish working groups and processes in the regions, to ensure that "Her stories" are collected and published. The Eastern European women’s network:http://lwfherstoriesceeurope.blog.com WICAS has developed a Methodology with guiding questions and guidelines in order to facilitate the articulation of Her-Stories in the regional and global levels. To download the documents please click on the link wicas.lutheranworld.org/content/women-move-wittenberg-windhoek-toolkit-141