Violence against women

Churches say "NO" to Violence Against Women

The docoment "Churches say `NO` to violence against Women" has been produced  as a result of a collaborative undertaking of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) memeber churches between 1999-2001. Diverse groups of women and men were invited to further reflect on the issue of violence, provide action plans to reduce it and contribute to enrichment of the text.

In response to this challenge to the member churches the LWF council in 1999 meeting, came up with a proposal to produce a document addressing the issue of violence agianst women. The desk for Women in Church and Society (WICAS) of the LWF, drafted this document "Churches say "No" to Violence againist Women"  and it suggests ways in which women, men and faith communities could work together to overcomen the sin of violence against women that hurts individuals, communities and the church's very image. to be healers, we must first heal ourselves.

The draft has been translated into different languages to reach out to a wider audience and it continues to be a successful study document to address the Sin of Violence against Women in the Church as well as in the wider Society. 


16 days of activism Campaign

Girls in School; Girls with Dignity: Our commitment during the 16 Days and beyond: 

An inter-religious coalition of faith based organizations (The Anglican Communion (AC), Islamic Relief (IRW), Lutheran World Federation (LWF), Mission 21, Norwagian Church aid, World Council Churches (WCC), World Communion of Reformed Churches,  the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA),  and other LWF/WCC member churches and ecumenical partners including Church of Sweden and Fin Church Aid), is targeting the 16 Days of Activism to mobilize their constituencies in ending gender injustice and violence against girls and women around this year’s theme of “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Make Education Safe for All!”. Motivation for change and power for action is unleashed through a positive vision. For us, this vision is rooted in our faith. 

To learn more about our involvement in 16 days of Activism Campaign check our resource on Joint Campaign Proposal and