Women's Message

Women's pre- assembly: Women'message to the Assembly

Liberated by God’s Grace – Are we fully liberated when our sisters (and brothers) are not?

Based on the discussions that have taken place during the women`s pre-assembly, women have powerfully articulated a women's message "Our liberation is bound up together and is a gift of God" for the assembly and later it was discussed and unanimously accepted in the assembly.

Women have proclaimed that "We thank God for wisdom, courage, and strength along the way. We are women liberated by God's grace. We are women on the move, and we are many!"

To read the Women`s message  in English please click on this link  https://seafile.lutheranworld.org/d/18f9adaff7/files/?p=/agenda%20and%20exhibits/EN/Exhibit%205.2.1%20Message%20from%20Women%27s%20PreAssembly.pdf

Women's message has also been translated into other languages French, German, Spanish.