Women`s Space

What is the Women`s Space?

During the previous assemblies there has always been a physical space where women give visibility to their global priorities and concerns. In Windhoek the Women`s Space will be located in the Omatala (the Market place) and a proposed name for this Space is "Welwitschia" . This flowerhas some healing abilities and we can see it at the entrance of the new museum of liberation. It is very much related to the freedom struggle.

To learn more about this flower click this link https://fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welwitschia_mirabilis


The Women`s Space is expected to serve four main purposes:

1) To allow women to meet and pursue the exchange of experiences and discussions initiated during the Women`s Pre-Assembly.

2) To give visibility to women`s contributions to the churches and to the Reformation journey through exhibitions, distribution of publications and sharing about the efforts made by the LWF women`s networks in different contexts.

3) To offer a space for celebration, for community building, for prayer and mutual support, with a clear local accent (in terms of the way it looks, its name and the strong presence of Namibian and African women).

4) To serve as a place for women and men to interact and to build strategies on how to affirm and support women in leadership and ministry as well as implement the gender justice agenda during the assembly and beyond.