WICAS milestones

The story of women's representation in the communion at a global level begins in the 1950s. SInce then, it has evolved into a fully-fledged department and program, recognised throughout the communion for its commitment to gender justice and women's empowerment.

1952 - Women’s section initiated at second LWF Assembly at Hannover, Germany

1970 - Women’s Desk instituted at the fifth LWF Assembly at Evian, France

1975 - First Advisory Committee to Women’s Desk is appointed

1984 – LWF ensures at least 40% women’s participation in assemblies

2001 - Churches Say NO to Violence against Women

2009 - Council receives faith reflection on gender and power document

2010 - Eleventh Assembly adopts principles of inclusivity and gender policy

2011 – LWF ensures equal salaries for its female and male employees  

2011 - Gender Advisory Group provides guidelines and values for a gender policy

2013 - Launch of the LWF Gender Justice Policy

2017 - Resolutions and message from the Twelfth Assembly

initiated at the second LWF Assembly in Hannover, Germany
at least 40% women's participation in assemblies
provided guidelines and values for gender policy
LWF gender justice policy